Forex Trading

Your Trading Plan: Technical or Fundamental?

Having decided on the broad approach you are proposing to take, the next questions you might ask yourself in developing your plan, are as follows: Am I [...]

Your Trading Plan: How Do I Choose My Approach?

This is a big question to answer, and before I start trying to answer it, let me begin with some broad principles, which we can then consider in more [...]

Why Do We Have A Forex Market?

The primary purpose of the forex market is to provide an easy and straightforward way for companies to conduct international trade, allowing businesses, banks, [...]

Trading Approaches

As long as there are traders and financial markets, there is one thing you can be sure of - that traders will disagree on the most effective way to trade, and [...]

Trading Approaches: The Technical Approach

A technical approach to trading is very different from the 'academic' approach outlined above. Fundamental analysis gives us the economic numbers which drive [...]

Trading Approaches: The Relational Approach

The third element of my three-dimensional approach to trading is to use relational analysis, which may be a new term but does describe this analytical [...]

Trading Approaches: The Fundamental Approach

The first thing to establish straight away is that you do not have to be an economist to understand the fundamental news releases. Second, you will very [...]

The Psychology of Trading

It is even perhaps the most important because it is the psychology behind trading which will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail as a trader. [...]

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